Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year New Wine

I am such a looser. Its a hair past 11pm and I am in bed because I am pooped! I was up before 5am for work this morning and sleep is overcoming me. We had some friends over for a get together but they were tired too so we ended up NOT playing board games and drinking wine which makes my heart hurt just a little bit, but nothing unbearable.

I have some Spumanti chilling in the fridge right now so to ring in the new year tomorrow we shall make Mimosas and I will blog about that.

Until then, my FEEDJIT visitor tracker says that I am getting a lot of love from High Point, NC. It only shows where you are geographically from (I live in Wenatchee but it says Im from West Richland which is like 2 hours south of here...). So if you live in North Carolina you should totally leave me a comment letting me know about a great local wine that I should try out.

Dooooooo it.

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