Monday, November 17, 2008

2006 Hogue Reisling

Tell me how you really feel...

Major disappointment in this wine, and in dinner on a whole! Some neighbors brought this wine over one night while visiting and since I decided to make tuna steaks for dinner, I thought this would be a great wine to pair it with. On the back it even says it goes well with seafood and Asian! Oy vey.

I guess I should say that I may be a bit biased about this wine because the cab we finished off last night was so wonderful. I also had been eating Swedish Fish as an after-work snack so maybe my tongue was geared up for the artificial flavors. The dinner I made was tuna steaks with a citrus heat glaze (that was heavy on the heat, low on the citrus, and the tuna was tough and fishy), masala rice with lentils which was alright, and yams I doctored with spices and I just don't like yams.

First impressions of the wine was really good. This bottle does have a screw top but I am not biased on if it comes out of a box or has a cork- good wine is good wine. The color was also really balanced and it even was a wee bit bubbly. Here are some pictures of the color:

With Flash

Without Flash

This is where it starts getting iffy, you see now I stuck my nose in the glass. Maybe I need to invest in bigger glasses but ick. I was attacked by a really strong fermented artificial honey smell. Next time you accidentally leave a bottle of apple juice out on the counter over night and it gets kinda bloated looking, take a good whiff and that's what it smelled like. The back of the bottle talked about apricots and peaches but all I smelt was the ick. Here, this is what it tasted like:
Who you callin' schweetie?

Yeah... so then I went against my better judgement and tasted it. It seriously burned like acid on the tip of my tongue and I tasted it no where else. After I swallowed the after taste was 100% fake grapefruit like some lotion or soap you would get at Bath and Body Works. I have tried airing it out, swirling it around, sucking air over the wine in my mouth, and nothing in the world could get me to finish the damn glass.

The rest of the wine is going down the drain and in the recycle.


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