Sunday, November 16, 2008

2007 Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet Sauvignon

Alrighty. We have been nursing this bottle for about a week and tonight we killed it with a pot roast for dinner. When we first opened the bottle I wasn't sure how I liked it. It didn't scream out to me either way that it was awesome or awful but something happened tonight and I really enjoy it. Brad loves it and says it was his new fav right from the get go.
It is very rare that I can find distinct flavors or scents in a wine. Maybe its because my palate is not advanced enough or maybe wine just smells like wine. But tonight when I opened the bottle and shoved my nose in the neck of the bottle I smelled straight up black cherries with the tiniest hint of vanilla. There are a few other smells that are familiar, but I have no idea what it is yet. I'm going to have to start shoving my nose in the bins at the grocery store to become more acquainted with the fruit and produce. It almost reminds me of trees but not really pine trees. Like the wet dirt. Okay, I just sniffed the glass again and its totally mud. Like mud with little rocks thrown if for good measure. But its good.
The second thing I really noticed was the deep color. This wasn't red or purple, this wine is straight up black. No seriously, look. This is holding it up to the night.

See? Black. I told ya so. (Note to self: wine glasses show your reflection, make sure you aren't wearing lounge wear next time).
Finally the taste. This wine is kind of like new sex- let me finish the analogy. As soon as it hits your tongue there is a lot of foreplay going on. It starts out kinda teasing you with out giving you any idea of where it is going. The middle of it just hacks at your tongue but its a very short middle. Then it absolutely explodes in a climax of cherries, vanilla, tobacco, mud, but most of all the lingering aftertaste is 100% plums. At first I almost thought it was apples, I was almost positive of it until it hit me over the head with plums. Spiced plums.
The longer you let the wine air the fruitier it gets. The vanilla fades away which makes me sad, along with the tobacco but its still nice.
Id give this one a very strong 4 stars.

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