Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2007 Tunnel Hill Riesling

'ello 'ello! How are things with you and yours? Tonight marks the 4th night of Chanukah and to celebrate here is a picture of yours truly frying up some latkes:

"Let me tell you about ze old country" *hack* Now run along and get your bubbeh her medicine- oy with the prices these days!

This wine was just shy of spectacular. Don't know what made it shy so actually I'd say it was a solid 5 stars worth of wonderful. For a little background on this wine, earlier in November Brad and I drove up to Chelan to visit some of the wineries and to check out the area. This one called out to use and badda bing here we are. I will say, the 06' of the wineries Riesling was extremely dry and not what I look for in a Riesling, but this one could hold its grapes up with the best Rhine River Riesling. I will very likely go back to this winery and grab a few more bottles but I'm starting to think I have a wee bit of a stock problem. I will take a picture of my stash and post it a bit later on.

Color! Ah yes, the color of this was a very lovely pale gold flax color that is so nice in a Riesling. It had great clarity and it had a very nice viscosity. I've really started noticing the viscosity of wines in a glass lately and I've noticed that some slosh around like water and others like corn syrup. I've also started looking at how the color thins out when you tilt the glass and this one held it's color very well. Lets take a look under the hood shall we?

I think the last picture of the trio has the most accurate color, but just in case someone likes seeing the difference between flash and no flash.

The aroma on this wine was fantastically complex. Of course, the apples and pears came through and even a tiny hint of apricot. But the most interesting thing that came across the nose for me was an almost almond blossom. I have no clue what an almond blossom smells like or if almond trees even have fragrant flowers but I smelled almonds and a hint of floral. Not a nice green grass and moss or forest, but straight up flower shop. Brad said he smelt citrus dishwasher soap and after he said that I noticed it, especially as the wine opened up it almost dominated the nose.

I will pay big bucks (okay, like $20 but the economy sucks) for a Riesling that delivers like this one does. Imagine what silver christmas tree tinsel tastes like and that is what I like. I love a white wine that is almost shifting to a sparkling wine but that retains its sweetness. So far, Riesling is the only wine that can deliver it and this one was electric. I hear its due to the high acid content, but all I can say is bring it on! This wine was most definitely on the sweet side and I tasted the flowers in the mid palate. Something that struck me as quite lovely about this wine is how evenly it coated the tongue. It seriously was smooth like drinking silk, not creamy, but silky. And there is a difference. The end palate had that citrus taste and the aftertaste was lingering but not overpowering.

We shared this wine with our friends Maya and Tera and one likes tannin heavy red wine and the other likes syrup thick dessert wine and both really enjoyed this wine, and thats saying something.

A humungo 5 stars. Check out the winery as well, the tasting room was very cozy and if I remember correctly, they have a decent share of estate wine to offer. They had a great pinot as well but I didn't buy it because this Riesling was simply smashing. It looked like the winery could also be rented out for events which would be pretty cool for a nice intimate gathering.

38 HWY 97A - Chelan WA 98816 - (509)682-5695

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