Monday, January 12, 2009

2006 Pine & Post Merlot

Gargoyles love some Pine & Post Merlot
In your face!

Alrighty then! I found this wine at the grocery store and will run out and buy another bottle next time it goes on sale under $10. I will admit that I am so pleased that my nose is developing because a lot of the major scents I got in my nose are mentioned on the wine description on that website. I got some amazing cordial cherry scents on this nose (you know, those Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries you can get on the cheap during the holidays?), and I was loving it! I also got a hint of blueberry and a weird caramel/butterscotch scent that really reminded me of the smell of some of the ports at Maison de Padgett.

The color was a deep rich black but when I tilted it, it faded at the edges. I tried to get a picture of this but I couldn't quite master the technique. I had also just drank a rather large glass and was on my second. Don't pay attention to the water spots, its from a night of imbibing!

Careful not to slosh it out!

The taste... ah yes. Quite lovely, it was a wee bit watery with a higher alcohol content than I would expect to taste (13.5% alcohol by volume) but again, lovely.

The major flavors that I got in my mouth were chocolate and black pepper. In my tasting notes I kept on writing and scratching out red peppers and roasted tomatoes, but I couldn't tell if I was just imagining it or not.

This would make a great table wine enjoyed with a light soup/salad/sandwich night and would also make a nice gift for someone who enjoys wine but isn't hot and heavy into wine.

A very enthusiastic 4 stars on this one. Share a bottle with someone you love tonight.

Here is the website for this wine, it was a bit tricky to find so I thought I'd share:

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